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Posted by Jennifer Tanner-Christensen on

I am so happy to announce that my ORIGINAL TROPHY QUEEN DESIGNS are back! I have teamed up with on of my former (and amazingly talented) sewing assistants Adela, and now I am able to offer my original designs again!

There will be a few changes to Trophy Queen that should be noted... I am still working and designing my signature "J.T. Christensen Designs Line" from Sweden, but Adela my former assistant (and now sewing contractor) in the Ventura area will be making the same great bags I offered before. She is not an employee of Trophy Queen, Adela is her own company.

Thinks to keep in mind:

  • All Trophy Queen Bags will now come with a set of replacement straps included! Vinyl does break down after a while and that can not be avoided. I am happy to supply an extra set of easy to install straps at no extra charge. (This does not apply to bags bought before today May 20, 2019)
  • For the time being I will only offer "In Stock" and "Ready to Ship" items (No custom orders, but hopefully that will change soon).
  • Though everyone loves the Trophy Queen logo... It will only be on the inside now, but I hope to find a way to add an outside logo in the near future.
  • Each bag will come with matching vinyl zipper pulls instead of dice zipper pulls. I hope to find a resource for dice pulls in the future than can be purchased as an option.
  • All serial number labels are now hidden inside the zipper pocket of each bag.
  • All Trophy Queen items will be drop shipped by Adela from her shop in California. They will not be shipped from my personal location though I will be doing all the shipping labels, sales and correspondence myself.
  • All repairs will now be done by Adela from her shop and you will deal with her direct. (She will determine her own fees for repairs.) Email me at sales@trophyqueen.com and I can give you her information. But please note... she is not authorized to make any replacement bags, responsible for Trophy Queen customer service, or authorized to take any orders of any kind. She is only authorized to do repairs.

If there is a favorite bag from the past that you would like for me to bring back into my line, I am HAPPY to take requests so I know what everyone wants. Feel free to email me at sales@trophyqueen.com with what catches your eye!

And more important THANK YOU to all of my loyal and dedicated Trophy Queen fans for being patient with me the last few years while I adjust to my new life and way of doing things from Sweden. Love you all!

-Jenny / Owner & Designer

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