It's Time!

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It is now my 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY (believe it or not) of shutting down my factory in Ventura, California and moving to Sweden full time. I was so nervous to make the big jump, and to completely redesign my Trophy Queen line with all new materials and patterns. In the meantime, staying on the same creative path for Top Notch Leather Works. As it turns out... I am getting such a fantastic response, and I am SO THANKFUL there are great clients still supporting me as an artist regardless of where I design from and what medium I use.

During this last year I have had time to really reflect on who I am as a person and as a designer. I realize that I have so much creativity built up, and I can't get it out fast enough. It is humbling, yet also super fun, to start teaching myself new skills in textile arts and rug hooking. I hope to add my new creations to my Look Book one of these days as well.

At this point, it only seems natural to combine all of my brands and creative outlets into one, and to put myself out there as Jennifer "Jenny" Christensen the DESIGNER! No more brands.... Just Me... The DESIGNER!

With this said, I am still creating the same "New Generation" of Trophy Queen styles, along with the same Top Notch Leather Works designs. But I will be combining it all under one designer label "J.T.Christensen Designs". I am also offering consulting services and personalized lessons in Handbag Design / Pattern Making / Branding /  Production and more.

I truly hope you find this as exciting and inspiring as I do, and will continue to support me as J.T. Christensen the DESIGNER!

Now Back to DESIGNING!


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